DFS Sales (EI - eDFS)

EI - eDFS, leverages open source technology to provide comprehensive, scalable, parameterized and feature rich solution suite addressing the business & operational needs of Onboard, Outlet/Ground/Shop Sales of Duty Free Items.


  • Cart Tracking (Lying/Flying/Arrival)
  • Discrepancy Logging and Tracking
  • List and Delist of Items
  • Cycle Change
  • Configuration of Saleable Items i.e. Combo - Same/ different Item, Packing Type (Single, Dozen, Box) etc.
  • Configurable Price, Discount, Taxes by Customer Type (Passengers, Group Employees, Festival Offers )
  • Item Tracking & Stock Maintenance - Free, Sample, Tester ?
  • Configurable Inventory Closing by Store - Daily, Weekly, Monthly