LCC F & B Sales (EI - eBOB)

EI - eBOB, is a comprehensive solution for Food & Beverages sales on Low Cost Carriers. It enables operational efficiency?s as generally the Flight Time / Routes / Sector travelled by LCC carriers has very small window and Crew should be able to optimize the time to make maximum sales while still ensuring the sales gets captured without any discripancy?s.


  • Cart Tracking (Lying/Flying/Arrival)
  • Discrepancy Logging and Tracking
  • List and Delist of Items
  • Cycle Change
  • Configuration of Saleable Items i.e. Combo - Same/ different Item, Packing Type (Single, Dozen, Box) etc.
  • Configurable Price, Discount, Taxes by Customer Type (Passengers, Group Employees, Festival Offers )
  • Item Tracking & Stock Maintenance - Free, Sample, Tester ?
  • Configurable Inventory Closing by Store - Daily, Weekly, Monthly