Graphical Analysis Intuitive Tool - GAIT

GAIT (Graphical Analysis Intuitive Tool) is a Business Analytics & Reporting Tool that helps to mine the data and present the information to address - Reports, Analysis and for forecasting needs in Three (3) simple steps.

Today, the organizations are flooded with big data which in turn is visualized simultaneously as an opportunity and a challenge. On one hand, the opportunity is that the organizations can enhance their customer relationship and proliferation of revenue by analyzing the data so as to predict the customer behavior.

On the other hand, the challenge faced by the organizations is to interpret what data to be scrutinized and what can be ignored; and that is where the role of analytics gains importance.

EI-GAIT, an Analysis tool helps Management to take right decision at right time.


  • User Configured Attributes: - User setup their Analysis Data Set in terms of fields / attributes which they need to analyze.
  • Interface / Data Upload: - Can interface with existing source system(s) to pull the data for analysis or excel based upload option is provided to upload the data periodically.
  • Analysis Filter / Criteria: - Data selection can be made based on the Customer Configured fields / attributes / Dimensions. e.g. LOB, region, customer, item, etc.
  • Alternate Chart View: - Analyzed data can be viewed in different appropriate charts Pie / Line / Bar ...
  • Export of Data: - Analyzed / Source data can be exported in to excel / PDF
  • 5 Point Analysis: - Single data set uploaded can be utilized for upto 5 analysis like Top / Least, Trend, Forecast, Comparative, Linked Analysis .
  • Flexi Field: - User(s) can specify the fields which need to be shown / not shown in the Analysis screen / reports.
  • Industry Specific: - Catering industry specific analysis.
  • SMS: - Analysis Report Generation and dissemination triggered by SMS.