Workplace Incident Management System - (EI - eWIMS)

EI - eWIMS is a Workplace Incident Management System, a holistic, comprehensive solution addressing the pain points of capturing & management of Workplace Incidents across industry?s geography?s and cultures, a niche tool for the Facility, Security Management Department / organization providing these services to one or more customers.


  • Enables effective collaboration between all Internal (operational staff - cleaners, security staff) & External (Visitors, Neighborhood Government Body?s - Police, Hospital, Fire Department) stakeholders.
  • Simplified and accessible channels - SMS (Short Message Services) for Incident Logging, MMS - Tagging Investigation results, emails - Alerts & Notifications, Outbound Voice Dialing for Incident escalation.
  • Risk Profiling of Various Organization Assets and Personnel.
  • Proactive & Reactive Alerts, Notifications (SMS, eMail, Outbound Voice Dialing)
  • Electronic repository of Incidents.
  • Statutory Compliance Reporting.